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Justice League Adventures #17

OK, here's the scans of JLA #17 that I promised.

What happens is, this evil Amazon named Aresia (she was a villian from the cartoon) shows up and takes on the Justice League. When she was a young woman, Aresia's country was ravaged by a male army. She took off on a boat which was sunk by male pirates. Pulled from the ocean, she was taken in by Wonder Woman's Amazon sisters and granted Amazon-like powers. Which would have all worked out fine if not for her, you know, CONSUMING RAGE. But whatever.

So Flash chases after Aresia. She cuffs him to something and takes off. This means he's out of the way, so he's the only male on the team *not* captured by Aresia when she whips out her Man-Affecting Hypno-Ray.

So, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter are all Aresia's minions now. But Flash comes up with a plan! He knows how he'll sneak onto the Amazon base...

Of course, he gets captured LESS THAN A MINUTE after he invades the base *anyway*, so I don't see how the disguise really helped at *all*... Time to get back to being regular!Flash!

Except of course he's still wearing lipstick.

The hilarious part is that throughout the whole comic book, *nobody makes fun of him* for wearing a dress. Nobody even really mentions it. It's like Wally does this kind of thing all the time. Well-- ok, nobody makes fun of him except Clark sort of offhandedly. (in case you can't read the caption in the upper right panel, Clark is saying that it's a good thing "Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman and Lady Flash" were there to save the day.)

So they completely eschew the cheap transvestite jokes, which is nice, except for the part where they go for the women's prison joke in the last panel! WTF! But okay.

I just could not stop staring at this in the store. Flash. In drag. FLASH IN DRAG. *flails*

There's also a great pair of panels I'll have to scan later, where WW and HG are having what passes for a deep philosophical conversation in this particular comic book...

WW: "Ever wonder what the world would be like if it were not full of man's weapons?"
HG: "I know what it would be like..." *holds mace out in front of her in the most freakin' phallic way to hold a mace you can possibly imagine* "It would be full of woman's weapons."

Go Hawkgirl! :D
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