Restless (aibaxsho) wrote in jl_fic,

Help Finding Batman/Flash Fic Search

I am really hoping that some folks here can help me in my search as I've had no luck myself. :)

I'm looking for a multi-chapter wip or it may have been abdandoned, and was written years ago. Anyway I think Flash (Wally) was lost in the speed force or something from the first chapter. I remember it affects Batman the hardest. He realises he felt something for the Flash. With the Flashs' DNA he makes a clone.

He may have the DNA of other Justice League members as well. I don't remember that well. I think the first couple Wally clones died. Than one made it through just as Bruce was thinking of giving up. So then there is a kid version of Wally. I think Bruce nicknames the clone something different from the original so both can have seperate identities.

Not sure if the Wally clone starts out with some years in or as a baby. But he grows crazy fast. Most of the story takes place at the Wayne Manor. I also remember that Alfred was there and the rest of The Juctice League make guest appereaces.

Please and thank you in advance!
And sorry for bothering you guys with this. 0.o

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