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Justice League Fanfiction

Justice League Fiction
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Anybody , Moderated
This is a community for posting fan-fiction (this includes filk, poetry, and whatever else your inner artist provides), information, discussion and pictures related to the Justice League cartoon. All genres, pairings, and ratings welcome.

Tell the world! We want all of you. *g*

The following people have volunteered for beta duty:

mamadeb: prefers slash, but is open to canon het and over things, too.

alba_aulbath: anything but WW/male.

navisx: slash only.

severedsegments: prefers slash, open to other things.

dev_chieftain: open to anything.

weirdnessmagnet: likes everything, especially Godiva truffles.

tellitslant: anything but GL, but prefers WW.

philexos: open to anything, not known for speed.

selfinduced: prefers slash, open to het. No BDSM and/or drug use.